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The new tablet counter stand from Swipespot is called Desk Tab, a great solution for offering digital content in the desk area. In stores it works great as a digital product catalog, to quickly show clients additional products. It can even be your cash register when using an available application. In hotels it can be the client check-in host, or information desk. In public places it is a great solution for spreading advertisement, a digital letterbox or even a guide for visitors. Its innovative Dutch Design is ergonomic, attractive and above all a great way of adding commercial value to the counter area. Just choose a custom color, add the corporate logo and create the ultimate desk communication tool.

Swipespot only supplies custom versions, meaning clients determine color, logo and tablet type. The Desk Tab is made with a white high gloss base, covered by a metal skin, including illuminated logo. The tablet is well protected and can be plugged into the internal power socket.


The price for a single desk stand is € 1150,- excluding VAT.

This includes custom color and logo, excluding transport, extra features and tablet.

For larger orders we offer a custom price. Please fill in the order form to receive a quotation or ask for additional information.

Options & Details

The stand is modular constructed and provides several options. Besides color and logo you can choose different metal covers, dependant on the type / brand of tablet, its orientation and the necessity to access physical buttons. The tablet is protected by the cover, which is locked with a unique key. The desk tab can be fastened to the counter if by screws, Velcro or glue.

The custom logo is illuminated by LED tubes which guarantee a long lifespan and the right color for illuminating colored logo's. Logo’s can be up to 300 mm high and plus minus 200 mm wide.

We also provide versions with additional hardware like payment terminals, printers, rfid scanners, audio, etc. We can mount specific hardware into the Desk tab on request as well.

Swipespot Desk Tab client view  

Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview __Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview back

Swipespot Tablet Stand Bottom Detail __Swipespot Tablet Stand Dimensions

Swipespot Tablet Stand Possibilities __Swipespot Tablet Stand Colors

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