We are creating Pearls

The first Swipespot product – the Tablet Stand - is recently launched. We are receiving a lot of enthusiastic reactions and compliments on our product. In the meantime the team of Studio Überdutch is designing new products and developing high quality solutions. They are working on products for retail and hospitality, and will also release some office concepts this year. Swipespot is growing as a brand and offers high quality interactive products for the corporate market, with expertise on consumer experience and high end design.

We are constantly sourcing for market chances and requests. Together with our partners – software companies, hardware manufacturers and researchers- we explore product innovations. For custom product requests we cooperate with the creative team of Studio Überdutch. Is your company looking for a specific product or answer to an existing problem, please contact us so that we can find a suitable option for you.

Swipespot TabletStand Development Sketches

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