Desk Tab Air

The Swipespot Desk Tab Air is a value for money tablet kiosk for use on a counter or desk. It is made of a solid metal wireframe holding a transparent acrylic front. The tablet – for example iPad – is enclosed between a metal case and a passe-partout on the front side. The two metal parts are secured with a lock at the back side.

The Desk Tab Air is perfect for use in the counter area in stores, the desk of a hotel lobby, or in public places to provide digital information to visitors. By adding hardware like a payment terminal the Desk Tab Air can be used as a fully functional self-service point. This desk kiosk is an ultimate combination of design, branding and usability for a no-nonsense price.



The price of a Desk Tab Air starts at € 450,- per piece, excluding VAT.

This price excludes transport, additional logo, extra features and / or tablet.

For larger orders we offer a custom price. Please send us an email to receive a quotation or ask specific questions.


Options & Details

The frame is currently available in black or white. At this moment the Desk Tab Air supports iPad only, iPad air coming soon. Upon request we can produce the tablet kiosk for another type of tablet with a minimum order of 10 stands. The orientation of the stand is fixed, which means you have to choose portrait / landscape version when ordering the stands.

In order to customize the stand with corporate branding, we offer a custom logo sticker service. However this stand will be noticed even without artwork. The product is ready from stock - to be shipped within 48 hours if needed. The tablet is well protected against theft and can be connected to a power supply - the wiring can be lead along the frame.

Swipespot Desk Tab Air 3d

Swipespot Desk Tab Air detail view    Swipespot Desk Tab Air front view

Swipespot Desk Tab Air side view __Swipespot Desk Tab Air top view

Swipespot Desk Tab Air 3d view __Swipespot Desk Tab Air dimensions

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